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Welcome to Datong!
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Datong Cuisine

Shaomai which is the staple food of the dinner party sometimes is called Shaomei because it looks like a plum when it comes out the form. The side is snow-white; we can see the meat stuffing in the center through the skin. Eating one mouth is oil of one mouthful, thin chew one regiment meat. It is said that Zhengde Emperor arrived at Datong and liked Li Fengjie, have ever stayed overnight here, it need not research, but Shaomai in Datong is well-deserved for being known in China.

>>Hunyuanshu soybean
The soybean, whose scientific term is broad bean, is a kind of bean farm crop that implies various nourishment compositions, is one of the advantage farm crops of Hunyuan County. It mainly produces in Heng Mountain. Hunyuanshu soybean has five greatest characteristics which are joss-stick, Shu, big, blooming, good-looking skin.

>>Beer in Yungang
Beer in Yungang is the local famous product of Datong, produced in the wine factory of Datong City. In 1987, beer in Yungang and beer specially made in Yungang were judged the high-quality products of Shanxi Province, sold well in Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongol etc.
It was written that the customs of making wine was early in Datong by Shanxitongzhi and the writers' poems in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. According to « the light industry ambition of Shanxi» research, the capitalist of the industry and business established the Revitalize Agriculture Chemistry Industry Agency Incorporated Company in 1926, sold alcohol and flour. In 1964, that factory was ruined in battle fire. In 1952, the wine factory of Datong City was built up at the old address of the Revitalize Agriculture Alcohol Factory and recovered the white spirit to produce. They developed the beer product in 1973, and took the Yungang Stone Cave which is the famous spot and historic monument of Datong for background, called it Beer in Yungang. Through several extensions, the yield of year has already been 15000 tons.
Beer in Yungang belongs to the crisp beer, it adopts the high-quality malt, big rice as raw material, was turn by Hu, the sugar turn, filters, adding the leaven to ferment, filter, disinfect etc. the work preface brews but becomes. The density of its original malt is 12 degrees. The wine presents the buff, clear and transparent, the foam is pure and delicate, hanging the cup to hold out for long time, the malt joss-stick is obvious, the wine fragrance of flower is fresh, it is thick and good to eat, and there is the obvious carbon dioxide incitement feeling.

>>Cool powder of taste
The yams are many in the area of Datong, the native people is in addition to directly to eat, still have the habit of processing to make into the powder. From here, the powder is made for various foods, the vermicelli and cool powders are the most familiar food. In summer, the cool powder becomes the good dinner to relieve summer heat for the all families.
The cool powder of Datong are in all four seasons, the taste is special, mainly carry on the seasoning with the salt soup, sauce, hot pepper oil, vinegar, scented ointment, monosodium glutamate, ground mustard, chopped onion, go together with the cucumber silk, turnip silk, parsley, dehydrated bean curd...etc., it is fresh, cool and tasty to eat, its flavor is good.

Take the Shuzi to become the yellow rice, then become the yellow rice to powder, the yellow rice cakes which are made of the yellow rice powder have four greatest characteristics which are yellow, soft, Jin and joss-stick. The methods for eating have two kinds, one is plain cake, and the second is to fry cakes in oil. "Plain cakes" does not pass to fry in oil a work preface, after work well it is very tasty to eat with the meat vegetables, namely so-called" yellow cakes bubble meat, didn't eat enough".
A Fry cake in oil to relatively pay attention to, it has three characteristics which are small, thin skin and many patterns. Its pattern species have three kinds which are the bean farcing, sugar farcing of cent, the vegetables farcing. The bean farcing contain four kinds of small bean, Hong bean, hyacinth bean, Yun bean; The sugar farcing contain two kinds of brown sugar, refined sugar, another each add the green red silk, rose, kernel of walnut, the fruit...etc. The vegetables farcing contain green lentil bud, mountain medicine, carrots.

>>Rinse mutton
Rinse mutton of Datong contain four greatest characteristics: The flavor is joss-stick, the meat is delicate, the quality is fresh, the shape is beautiful, and it is very famous in the whole country. About Rinse mutton of Datong, choose to anticipate to pay attention very much, go to the bones of the ex- legs, hind legs and Dapai of the Jin sheep and line up three parts greatly to freeze respectively the meat pieces, they are red and white, the color is fresh and gorgeous, the meat quality is cleanness, adjust to anticipate the hot sauce, hot pepper oil, scented ointment, monosodium glutamate, parsley, sea rice, Chinese chives, when eating the flavor is joss-stick to come into nostrils, it is very tasty, then match the thin powder silk, cabbage, bean curd and is also a vegetable and meat to match, they don't get fed up with not thin, the flavor is fresh and beautiful, it is out of the ordinary.

>>The day lily
The day lily is called the gold needle vegetables by the local people, belonging to the herbs of living many years, grow it once and income for many years. Its flowers are fresh and gorgeous, not only can be provided to appreciate, but also can make the good vegetables, the mushroom, tree mushroom, the day lily which often is called in the vegetarian dish series should be the plant. The color is fresh, the individual is big, the big frailty of oil is delicate, long boil not lousy, the aroma is heavy, the nourishment is abundant, imply 16 kinds of amino acidosis and various mineral qualities that human body need, it also is good for the stomach, the benefit urine, tranquilize the nerves, promote the body fluid etc. medicine hard working ability. Currently the jot of it is in addition to selling in China, most of them are sold toward abroad.

They are Yangxiashui, wash the sheep head, hoof, darling, the bowel lung and the sheep blood clearly, cookthem and cut to pieces. Plus the spring onion, garlic, hot pepper...etc. adjusts to anticipate, packing into the pot, putting a piece of sheep tail oil, can also add another the thin powder, after boiled, get bowl red and white intermingled, steaming hot, oil but don't get fed up with, it makes person drool. It is a good dinner of warming stomach and getting rid of the cold and health care.

Beishi which is Huangshi is the special product in the area of Yanbei in Datong, it is the herbs that live for many years, the main root is deep long, its roots are used for the medicine, and the people dig them in spring and autumn. The Beishi in Heng Mountain is evenly and fluently, the color is yellow and bright, the fiber is thin, the powder is big, is orthodox school of Chinese Huangshi. It is sold well in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia etc. Beishi not only have the medicine work effect, but also is also a kind of nourishing health care food. Because the quality is excellent, the uses are wide, the yield is little, on the market supply always falls short of demand.

Potatoes are called Shanyaodan by local people, have the characteristics of high protein, high carbohydrate, the enrich vitamin. Potatoes not only have the value of eating, but also can go into the medicine, repairing to annoy the appetite eliminate inflammation and the analgesic medicine to use the value, to constipation, the stomach ulcer and eczemas all have to compare good of curative effect. The body of potatoes in Datong is well-balanced, the rate of powder is high, the disease harm is little, the quality is good, and it is a kind of farm crop high to produce of being used for food, vegetables, animal feed.

It is a kind of plant which is fit to grow in the high and algidity climate, only planted in the area of Datong. It is a kind of plant which is fit to grow in the high and algidity climate, only have at greatly and together the region plants.The buckwheat passes to be processed to make into the buckwheat powder, which can be processed to noodles, Yahala, Hanqiantuo, Wantuo etc. we can eat them with the heat or cool. Because it is no sugar food, it is also the delicacy good dinner of the diabetic.

>>You wheat
You wheat whose scientific term is oats mainly produce in the north of Shanxi and Inner Mongol. The history of planting You wheat has been more than 2,000 years. There are main Tuiwowo, Chuogejun, Tuichuangza, Chuoyuer and Yahala, you can eat them with heat or cool. The protein content of You wheat attains 15% equally, the fat, vitamins, calcium, phosphor, iron...etc. that the You wheat contains are more. It not only is the main food source of the high blood pressure and diabetic, but also has the very high curing value. Verified by clinic, the harden artery, lower cholesterol, it has the certain curative effect for the glycerin grease egg white and coronaries.

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