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Welcome to Datong!
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Datong History

According to the research which Jia Lanpo etc. who are the experts in the Ancient Mankind Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences went to Datong and did, they have proved that in Paleolithic Age which was before 100000 years, there were people to live and multiply. Loufan which was a nomadic peoples occupied here in the period of Chunqiu. It belonged to Zhao Country in the period of Zhao Country, Zhaowuling King beat the Linhu and loufan, placing Yunzhong country, Yanmen country and Dai country, Datong was in the Yanmen country and Dai country.
After Qin Country unified six countries and placed the Pingcheng Country, which belonged to Yanmen country and Dai country. At the beginning of South Han Dynasty, Pingcheng was the fief of Han King first, and then was the fief of Dai King. At the end of East Han Dynasty, Huns encroached on the border areas; Pingcheng was ruined in battle fire. It belonged to Xinxing Country in Ji State in the period of Three Countries. In the period of West Jin Dynasty, it also belonged to Dai Country. In 386, Beiwei found a nation to call Wei, which was called North Wei in the history, moved the capital to Pingcheng and called emperor. It was as the capital of Beiwei for 97 years, Beiwei carried on the large-scale construction to Pingcheng, experiencing successively seven generations of six emperors. In 494A.D, Xiaowen Emperor moved the capital to Luoyang. Beiqi changed the Beihengzhou to be Hengan Town, which belonged to Taiping Country of Hengzhou, Beizhou changed the Taiping Country to be Yunzhong Country. In Sui Dynasty, it belonged to Yunzhou and Weizhou, belonging to the river host, in order to avoid the name of Yang Zhong who was the father of Yang Jian that was the first emperor of Sui Dynasty, changed Yunzhong to Qunei. Shi Jingtang gave Yanyun 16 countries to Qidan in 936, it belonged to Liao Dynasty. Liao Dynasty changed Yunzhou to Xijing in 1044, established Datong Mansion, and was the temporary capital of the Liao Dynasty, governing 7 counties and 2 states. Changed Datonglu to the Datong Mansion, belonging to Shanxi Province and governing 4 states, 7 countries and 13 stations in 1369. Datong was one of the nine side key figures. In Qing Dynasty, it was Datong Mansion, placed Datong Country, belonged to Shanxi Province, governing 7 counties, 2 states and Fengzhengting. In 1912, changed mansions to countries, in 1913, placed Yanmendao and Datong, governing 13 counties of Yanbei and 13 counties of Xizhou, added up to 26 counties. After discard Dao in 1927, it belonged to Shanxi Province. The Japanese army seized Datong on September 13th of 1937, established the regional government of Jinbei on October 15th, which belonged to the false joint committee of Mengjiang and ruled 13 counties of Yanbei. In September of 1939, it was changed to Jinbeizhengting, belonged to the false consociation autonomous regional government of Mengjiang. In the period, it ruled 13 counties of Yanbei. At that time the anti- day of Communist Party of China leadership was armed to insist in the village anti- guerrilla warfare for day, build up the east, west greatly and together county, according lied belong to the Jin to hope and side District of Jin. After Japan's Imperial Army surrender, build up the second fight ward chief's officer's commander's headquarters to lead the set of Datong, ruled over each county of Yanbei. Changed for the Shanxi Province government in 1947 Datong administration official bureau. The peaceful connector Datong of Chinese People's Liberation Army is on May 1 in 1949, established Datong City, and belonged to Chahaer Province. Returned it to the Shanxi Province in 1952. The region of Yanbei was canceled on July 10 in 1993, 7 counties which were Tianzhen, Yanggao, Guangling, Lingqiu, Hunyuan, Zhuoyun, Datong were allotted to Datong City.

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