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Welcome to Datong!
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The special features of Datong

The main business streets of Datong City include Daxi Street and Xiaonan Street of Sipailou. There are bigger markets in the two streets, such as Zhongxing Market, Eastern Mansion, Huafeng Market etc. There are all kinds of sloppy stones, headdress stores, underwear stores...etc. at the two sides of streets. There is still a night-city street, the merchandise species are diverse and cheapness, if you are good at chopping down the price and have taste like, you can pick up many good things.

The special features of Datong

>>Copper chafing dish
The history of chafing dish and bronze utensils is long, the craft is consummate, as early as the period of North Wei, and it possessed the great reputation. Since Tang Dynasty and Sung Dynasty, the bronze utensils in Datong had already been sold very well in the whole country. In the period of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, the copper handicraft product had already been very thriving, at that time there were several dozens of copper workshops in the Zhonglouyan Street, all fastened the son to accept the father, passed from generation to generation, so it was called the Copper-smith Street". The big goods contain copper pots; the copper kettles etc., and take chafing dish as the most famous. The structure of copper chafing dish in Datong is designed reasonably; it is constituted by the six parts, such as bedrock, a body, fire, pot cover, the fire tube and small cover. The working procedures are seven work prefaces which are to model, cast, weld, plate tin in, set flowers, burnish and assemble. On the bedrock, body, pot cover and small cover, engrave the patterns, such as" the dragon and phoenix present the kind"," the magpie ascends the plum"," eight fairies lead the sea" and" the flowers, birds and landscape" respectively. Because the shape is beautiful, the craft is choiceness, the species are numerous, passing long time and enduring, they have strong race and special features and the local special features, it is deeply liked by customers, people not only like its practical value, but also even like its the value of enjoying art. Now, the products in the metal craft factory of Datong takes the copper chafing dish as principle, the wine vessels, the palace cutleries, copper signboards, the copper statues for secondary, there are ten greatest types, more than 200 species craft products, it is not only very popular in the domestic everywhere, and popular in Japan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and Hong Kong-Macau regions.

>>Wool carpet
The wool carpet is the handicraft product of the orthodox exit in our country, the history of producing is long, the style is special, possesses the great reputation on the international market. The carpets by hairs in the region of Datong started to be produced in the period Chunqiu and Zhanguo when Zhaowuling King built up counties, they have already had the very high production technique level in East Dynasty, they can use various color of red, brown, purple and green etc. to knit a various wood grain patterns.
After liberation, the carpet factories were built up in Datong, Hunyuan, Shanyin etc. The quality of its hairs is good and does carefully, the patterns are novel, and the color is in harmony with, through long time and enduring. The products are designed exquisitely, four capes are symmetry, they are divided into the big side, medium side, small side, the center patterns often are the landscape scenery, strange flowers and different grass, the loose and crane postpones the year, five hold satisfied etc. of life, blessing, and good luck. Pass the yarn, dye, knit, neat, shear the flower and wash the light etc., they all can guarantee both quality and quantity through long enduring, having characteristics of using comfort, separate the tide and preservation heat, go to cold and evil, warm in winter and cool in summer, beneficial health etc., having the value of using, and then have the value of art to enjoy. Therefore, it not only is welcome everywhere in the whole country and popular in England, France, Japan, Canada and HongKong-Macau regions.

>>Juanren in Yungang
There was the habit of buying the clay dolls and rag dolls on the temple fair in region of Datong in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. After liberation, the clay dolls had already been eliminated, but the rag dolls were more and more exquisite, a lot of girls, daughters-in-laws liked to work hard in sewing the rag dolls, showing oneself mind hand skilled with this. Kang Qiaoling who is the artist of Juanren in Datong is versatile, developing her art scholastic attainment on the foundation of sewing the rag dolls, expressing the painting masks of characters in plays, dress, figure, Yuangang Stone Cave, various statues of Buddha in Huayan Temple, Xieshi Buddha, Jileifeitian, art topiary works of characters in plays with Juanren. Her Juanrens are made of Ling, Luo, Chou, satin, yarn, Juan, Zhou, Jin ...etc. having the local special features, the large crowds call the beautiful name which is Juanren in Yungang.
Now, the city built up the artificial factory of Juanren in Yungang, becoming to criticize to produce the Juanren, the products not only are welcome in China, but also are popular in Japan, the United States and Hong Kong-Macau and many regions of etc. Because the manufacture craft of Juanren in Yungang raises continuously, the products renew continuously, they have already developed from originally only Juanren to the large light exhibition of Juanren. Therefore, Juanren in Yungang can visit in the whole country have exhibition everywhere.

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